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We offer 3 standard data feed to help you monitor your prices and analyse the market.
Data feed are simple csv, excel or xml files that you can download and import into your database.


€0.05/ wine / update

A setup fee of €500 applies
€100 monthly fees apply
Discount available to Pro Excel subscribers
  • Example
    For 2000 wines with monthly updates
    100 + 2000 * 0.05 = 200€ per month
  • Your Product ID (1)
  • Wine Decider Pro market price
  • Wine Decider average retail price
  • Number of offers (2)
  • Average critic score
  • Maturity
  • Wine Decider URL
  • -
  • -


€0.01/ offer / update

A setup fee of €500 applies
€100 monthly fees apply

  • Example
    5000 offers with weekly updates
    100 + 4 x (5000 x 0.01) = 300€ per month
  • Your Product ID (1)
  • Merchant name (4)
  • Merchant country
  • Price in €
  • Price in local currency
  • Bottle Size
  • URL
  • Case Size
  • Quantity

(1) We'll match your wine database.
(2) The number of offers indicates the accuracy of both pro market and average retail prices.
(3) You can select up to 20 merchants among our list of hundreds of merchants.
(4) Some professional sources will be kept confidential and will be named as "Source Pro".

Data feed usage

Our data feed will return prices and other data on the wines that are part of our database and being recognized by our recognition engine.
You will only pay for the wines that have matched.
The content of the data feed is for your internal use only. Unless agreed, we don't authorize relicensing or reselling of data.


  • Easy implementation
  • You can import and store all the data at once directly in your system
  • Not limited to specific merchants. Tell us what you need, we'll do it.
  • You will only be charged for the data we provide.
  • Wines that don't match our database will be discarded at zero cost.
  • We provide an answer to any specific request, challenge us!